Stress Free Yoga Holidays.

yoga_retreatsImplementing A Yoga Holiday!

Doing yoga goes way beyond improving the flexibility. This particular Hindu discipline is practiced by people irrespective of caste, creed and colour to help them improve their general health. The breathing exercises that are used in the yoga will help to reduce the stress and find inner peace. Yoga has poses which are referred to as asanas and controlled breathing which will help in distressing the brain and providing the accurate amount of oxygen for the brain.

This will also help to boost the immune system, as it changes the gene expression at the cellular level. The meditation that is involved with most of the yoga poses will help you sleep better and also help with the overall health of the body. There are different stages of yoga that one needs to understand. You always need to start simple before reaching the highest form. This can be achieved with the continuous practice of yoga. There are a few poses that are meant exclusively for beginners. The yoga poses for beginners are very simple and easy to the body, this will help in enjoying yoga to the fullest.

There are many places around the world which have a lot of yoga retreats; so even when a person is on a holiday, he is sure to enjoy it. The following are mentioned a few of the places that have yoga retreats that one should consider while travelling.

1. France – There are quite a few yoga retreats in this area, and this is also a famous tourist spot. This place is known for a mix of yoga teachings, which are from Iyengar to freestyle. These places usually have 2 yoga sessions for a day and 2 meditation sessions.
2. Goa – This is yet another tourist spot which has a few yoga retreats. There are very intensive sessions of the yoga classes which will help to know about the whole body better. There are well experienced teachers that work in these retreats.
3. Kerala – On the foothills of the Western Ghats there are many yoga retreats. These are accompanied by an alcohol free vegetarian diet, silent meditation and lectures on yoga. These will help in changing the lifestyle of the person.
4. Costa Rica – Here there are yoga farms, which will work as a holiday spot as well as a yoga retreat. There are yoga classes which takes place on the deck overlooking the beach. There are options to work in the farm and get closer to nature.
5. Portugal – People prefer to choose holiday spots with yoga retreats and this is one such place. There are options for surfing and rock climbing with all the beaches and cliffs that are close by. This is accompanied by a 2 yoga sessions during the day.
6. Bali – This is the place that positively affects yoga in all forms and styles. There are centres that run up to 8 yoga classes a day. Mud walled and thatched roof gives it a special experience to perform the yoga.
7. Turkey – There are some expert yoga teachers in this region, which will help in feeding the body and the soul with yoga. Along with this there are many more exercise routines like hiking, swimming and circuits to enjoy the stay.